Thursday, November 01, 2007

Well If ALL The Cool Kids Are Doing It...

I can't believe I've been blogging long enough to have seen 2 whole NaBloPoMos come and go. Time... It flies... Whoosh.

This year I'm REALLY REALLY gonna try to participate... so here goes. Today is November 1st. And, as November is National Blog Posting Month, (created by Fussy, YAY Fussy!!!) I will be pumping out a post a day EVERY day (including weekends!! Yikes!) for the next 30 days.

Join me. Won't you?

(Yes I realize that this is a total cheater post, but hey, it''s THIRTY posts in a row... cut me some slack, will ya?)

In other news... Kyle and I totally skipped Halloween this year. Boo. He went home sick from work and I stayed late so I could take off early on Friday to hang with his grandparents. As a result we just decided to save our AWESOME* costume idea for next year.

Speaking of Halloween, I'm considering writing a strongly worded letter to someone somewhere about my new neighborhood being shut down and transformed into a veritable trick-or-treating free for all last night. The streets were closed to cars just before dark as hundreds upon hundreds of little ghosts, and goblins, and princesses, and pirates, and creatures from every children's movie you can imagine descended upon our block. It was adorable but we were TOTALLY unprepared!! I think a little note saying, "Hello and welcome to your new home! Please be advised that you are now living in a trick-or-treat hot spot. GET SOME CANDY AND DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT DRIVING YOUR CAR DOWN YOUR OWN STREET. Thanks!" would have been nice. Don't you? I haven't lived in a real neighborhood with little kids and stuff since I left for college. So it didn't even occur to me to buy candy this year. And I certainly didn't expect to have to hide from forty-zillion disappointed children as they walked past my dark doorstep to the amazingly decorated haunted house next door. I totally looked like the mean old lady on the block with her blinds drawn and her lights off. Yikes! Oh well. Next year I'll know. (p.s. will one of you please remind me to buy candy next year, thanks!)

*With the in-laws and the cleaning and the whatnot, Kyle and I decided to dress up using stuff we already had around the house.... well it just so happens that Kyle owns a bee hat and I own deer antlers (don't ask why)... so he was going to wear his bee hat and I was going to wear my deer antlers and his t-shirt was going to say "Yes Deer" and mine was going to say "OK Honey" ...Did I mention we've had a lot going on lately? Maybe it's for the best that we skipped the festivities this year.

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