Monday, October 08, 2007

We're Number Two!

I'm not sure how to feel about the whole thing. I mean I'm all for a good upset. Who doesn't love rooting for the underdog? Especially when the... upperdog?... overdog?... is the arrogant, spolied, our band only knows ONE FREAKIN SONG, USC Trojans. Barf.

But Stanfurd? REALLY??? Come on football gods, work with me here. The only team I dislike more than SC is the annoying, no mascot having, can't even fill their football stadium when they GIVE tickets away because their fans are so apathetic, Stanfurd Cardinal. Double Barf.

On the up side, Saturday's craziness left Cal in the #2 position!!! Woo-Hooo!!!! On the down side, it feels a bit precarious here at the top... please please PLEASE don't let the Bears blow it.