Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Gonna Be A Long Year

While flipping through a wedding magazine the other day, I saw a really pretty pink and green bouquet for a pink and green themed wedding. I was suddenly sad.

"Kyle," I said, holding up the glossy page filled with hydrangeas and peonies and moss colored ribbon, "look how pretty this pink and green bouquet is."

"It's lovely," he replied and then went back to reading his own book.

*dramatic sigh*... "I'm never gonna get to have a pink and green wedding," I whimpered.

"What??" He looked up again, concerned at my dramatic sigh and whimper (I've trained him well) "What's wrong? We can have a pink and green wedding if you want one, sweetie."

"But then I'll never get to have my 'various shades of red' wedding! And what about the plum and burnt orange wedding that I've been dreaming of on the side?! It makes me so sad that I can't have them ALL."

"Interesting... Do I really have a whole year of this to look forward to?"

"Yes!" I grinned, "Aren't you excited!"

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