Friday, September 28, 2007

Kick(ing My Ass) Boxing

I have a new nemesis… and I don’t even know his name. He is a tiny man, with big muscles and dreadlocks and army pants, and a thick accent that I can’t begin to place. He yells nonsense in my general direction over sped-up Kelly Clarkson lyrics set to techno beats. He maniacally punches and jumps and squats and kicks, and he insists that I do the same. He is evil. He is my new kickboxing instructor. And, seriously, he NEVER bothered to introduce himself at the beginning of class - just jumped right in. Who does that? So I refer to him simply as "The Evil One."

Anyway, the Evil One made our class do these impossible 360 degree spinning leg sweep things… ala this guy:
(The cool guy on the floor - not the guy getting schooled up in the air)

With a little bit of this guy thrown in for good measure:

But mostly, I just looked like this guy:



This is supposed to my *easy* unit at school – to balance out the brainy Patent Law class I’m also taking this quarter. But it’s just so… Intense. And hard. And kind of scary.

I miss pole dancing.

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