Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Visit From The In-Laws, Take 1

A call from my mother today:
So… the in-laws? … the apartment? How did it go!? You didn’t paint did you?

No. I didn’t paint. I also didn’t buy all new furniture. Although I was *theees* close to buying a new chocolate leather ottoman to be used as a coffee table in my living room. If I had had another day, I very well might have. But I DID finally finally finally get my place in order (Courtney's house: now without cardboard boxes!). And it is LOVELY. I’ve actually never felt so proud to call a place home.

It was close though. I was definitely frantically arranging fresh flowers in my kitchen, and placing picture frames on shelves and wiping last minute crumbs off counters and lighting candles like a mad woman just seconds before Kyle walked in the front door with his parents. (I sent him to the airport without me so I could finish up the house… luckily our exit off the freeway was closed for construction on his way back, which bought me a few extra minutes… every once in a while the world is actually on my side. Amazing.)

So anyway, the ‘rents-in-law walked in and were absolutely FLOORED by how great the place looked. His mom was speechless. I kid you not! It was maybe the best feeling I’ve had all year. Except of course for the whole engagement thing, and the nephew being born thing… Ok, it was maybe the third best feeling I’ve had all year! Still, it was up there. So they oohed- and ahhhed a bit and then we all went to bed (it was almost midnight!)

Saturday morning we got up at 6am (yikes!) to drive down to the South Bay to watch Kyle and his bro compete in a soccer tournament. They kicked butt and took names. It was fun. Afterwards we took Kyle’s parents to see our reception location. They loved it! (Which, again, sent me over the moon… it makes me feel so much better to know that other people like the site we’ve chosen… hopefully now I’ll stop having nightmares that we somehow picked the wrong place… oh the nightmares… that’s a whole other post!)

So after the soccer, and the reception site seeing, we went out to lunch and then home to watch some football. Cal lost and that’s all I say about my sorry excuse for a football team, total head cases ever since the stupid quarterback forgot to throw the stupid ball like 3 whole weeks ago! Get over guys. Get your heads out of your butts. STOP LOSING! But right, we’re not talking about them.

Saturday night we went out to dinner and then Kyle and I were supposed to go to a Halloween party. But we were so full from the yummy dinner, and so tired from the getting up early, and so content to just stay home and hang out with the parents that we never made it out. To be honest, I’m not even really bummed. Oh there definitely would have been a time in the not so distant past that I would have been all sad-faced at the thought of missing a party. But not so much any more. I mean it definitely would have been nice to see all my friends, but I just didn’t have that *NEED* to be not missing out on stuff like I used to have. I guess this is that whole growing up and settling down thing that everyone keeps talking about. It’s quite nice.

So Sunday, we spent the whole day in Monterey, at the aquarium and hanging out with Kyle’s mom’s aunt and uncle (Good golly this boy has SO MUCH FAMILY!) They were a riot! AND they told Kyle that I’m a “total keeper.” So I officially love them now. Monday I went to work and Kyle stayed home to be with his parents a bit more, and then we all went out to dinner (so much eating when guests are in town!), and we drove them to the airport, and then they left.

It was definitely an amazing weekend. The house looked great. Kyle’s parents seemed to have a good time. All things were right in the world. Yay. Now, if I can just make it through NEXT weekend (p.s. his GRANDPARENTS are staying with us!!!!! GAH! And oh by the way, they’re not too keen on the whole me and Kyle living in sin thing. Lovely.) I think I might actually start to like this whole in-law thing. No promises though.

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