Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why Yes I Am Flipping Out, Thanks For Asking

never understand each other
Hits a smidge close to home...

Kyle's parents are coming to visit in exactly 83 hours. And they are STAYING WITH US. In our house! With all of the yet to be completely unpacked and put away crap EVERYWHERE. For a WHOLE WEEKEND!!! This is not ok. This is not ok at all.

I know they don't care if our house is messy. I know they love me no matter what. Blah blah blah. My brain gets that (mostly)... I just can't seem to make the rest of me get it too.

I do not like house guests.

Mostly because I'm insecure.

Which I hate admitting.

But hating it doesn't make it any less true.

So there I said it. I'm insecure.


I don't like the thought of people seeing my stuff. My personal, private, stuff... you know like the living room couch... and the coffee table. VERY intimate stuff! I don't like them seeing it and judging it and picturing it again later and judging more. (I'm starting to perspire a bit just thinking about it. Ugh.)

And now Kyle's parents are coming. And they will be LIVING with my stuff for 3 whole days! What if they don't like my sheets? I should buy new sheets. And maybe a new comforter. And probably a whole new bedroom set. And paint. We should definitely paint before they get here (in 82 hours and 46 minutes) so that the walls match the new sheets. It is VERY important that the walls and sheets be coordinated!!

And what if they open a drawer in the kitchen. My silverware - it doesn't all match! What if we're sitting at dinner (which we are TOTALLY ordering in, because the stress of cooking might actually send me over the edge) and they realize that the knives are from a totally different set than the spoons. Then what will we do?!?!?!

My girlfriends were amazing enough to come over last night (which, p.s. was crazy difficult for me to let happen - because hello! My house? It's a disaster. Remember? And I am not comfortable with other people knowing about my disaster. Gah!) But over they came. And I took a few deep breaths (Actually I hyperventilated for several minutes before they got there, but it was a soothing, calming, hyperventilation, I swear) and it was ok. They stepped over the piles of unfolded laundry, pushed aside the dirty dishes in the sink, helped me go through and THROW AWAY! box after box of toiletries. (I'm slightly addicted to buying new shampoo, and lotion, and face stuff, and random creams, and gels, and products that I don't even know the use for.) They even ironed my curtains! (Yes, when future in-laws stay with me the curtains get ironed, darn it!) It was shockingly, amazingly, wonderfully ok. (Note: This is a *big* deal for me!)

But still... the in-laws. They are coming. And while I may have survived letting my girlfriends see my scuffed baseboards and my desperately needing to be swept entryway, I am NO WHERE close to being ok with Kyle's mom and dad knowing that I'm not secretly the long lost daughter of Martha Stewart.

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