Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Promised Update

We're quickly approaching midnight here in the midwest and I've yet to find something truly noteworthy to blog about today. Blah. And so all you get is an update of my weekend. And you'll just have to like it.

We made it to the wedding last night with a solid 37 seconds to spare, whew. It was a lovely ceremony followed by an awesome reception. It was Kyle's cousin's wedding, so a lot of the guests there were members of Kyle's family, which gave me a nice little peak into what our wedding might be like next fall. In a word? Dance-tastic. Young and old alike shook what their mamas gave them until 1 am. The bride's dad had quite the repertoire of moves including, but not limited to, the sprinkler, the little old lady with a walker, the shopping cart, the lawn mower, and some move that involved the motion of cleaning your ears out with q-tips (???) He was down right hysterical. We danced till they kicked us out and then headed upstairs to the hotel bar. We shut that place down at 2 am and then decided that we had had enough and came home. It was SUPER FUN and I especially liked all the time I got to spend with my future extended family.

Some pics from the festivities:
The reception site - quite stunning. Note the chivari chairs. Sigh.

First dance.

Kyle's dad and sis cutting a rug.

Kyle's mom and bro getting down.

Kyle, me, and the beautiful bride.

Shake it, sister.

I totally want a shot like this at my wedding!

Today we watched miserable football game after miserable football game. Yuck! Tomorrow, we're doing an early Thanksgiving. Yay!

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