Thursday, November 08, 2007

Calling All Photogs

Alright, internets, I need advice. Kyle and I are working to find a photographer to extort an exorbitant fee from us becuase all things wedding related are WAY overpriced, grrrrrrrrr capture our special day. As far as I can tell, the wedding photography world seems to be split down the middle in terms of digital vs. film. My gut tells me that film is better, but maybe it's just because I'm sorta old school. I feel like digital might be easier to share, touch-up, print etc.

What are your thoughts? What did you use on your wedding day? Were you happy with it? Do you wish you went another way? I know many of you are extremely talented photographers (I drool over your work all the time!) What medium do you prefer? Why?

It might help to know what we plan to do with the photos...
- We'll probably blow up a few, like 1 or 2, to hang in our home.
- Our parents will likely (I hope!) also want 1 or 2 of resonable size, although I can't image they'll really want to sport a 16 x 24 of me and Kyle above their fire places.
- We'll probably have a magezine style wedding album made with the bestest pics that will sit on our coffee table and be flipped through regularly until friends and family are sick of my foisting it upon them. ("So do you want to see the wedding pictures again??????")
- We'll probably also get an ablum filled with 4 x 6 prints of *all* the photos taken- this will likely go into storage and only be looked at by me... although I'll probably look at it every single day for like the first 6 months... or 6 years.
- We will definitely have some sort of online viewing thing (ala Flickr or something) too, so all the pictures will need to be digitized at some point.

So, armed with this information, and your own personal biases, and the knowledge that this is my WEDDING and so I want it to be PERFECT, please, tell me what to do! Go.

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