Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'll Be Taking That Back Now, Thanks

Well it's about time. Quite literally. I've been missing that extra hour since I sprang forward sometime last April. I needed that hour. That hour was crucial! So late last night, just before I crawled into bed, I couldn't help but do a little happy dance when Kyle reminded me about the clocks changing. (Cal had a football game that went till after 10:30, so it was close to midnight by the time Kyle and I got home, and we're old now, so midnight is Late!) And you know what? I don't even care that it'll be dark when I leave work. That hour rightfully belonged to me and darn it, I've been wanting it back! Hooray for getting my hour back!!!!

In other news, Cal finally won a football game (we were in quite a tail spin there for a few weeks, but hopefully we've recovered now and can manage to salvage the rest of the season) and the weekend with the Grandparents went swimmingly. Turns out I might be cut out for this whole hostess thing after all. Who knew?

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