Thursday, June 14, 2007

It Really Does Work

I took my kitty, Gus, to the vet today. He recently shed 4 pounds - which is pretty significant when you're a cat. (Heck, it's pretty significant when you're a human moving full steam ahead towards bathing suit season.) He used to be a chubby 18 pounds, and now he's a lean mean 14 - my roommate didn't even recognize him! I noticed that he hasn't been eating much lately. But, strangely enough, he's also had a ton of energy and has been playing with his sister, Abby, all the time. So basically, he's been eating less and exercising more.

Naturally I was concerned, because, really, who just DOES that?

The vet poked, and prodded, and stuck thermometers in places where Gus did *not* think thermometers should go. And then she took some blood for tests.

I spent the whole day nervous for my formerly fat little man.

Well, she just called and gave Gus a completely clean bill of health. YAY! It seems all that hype about "eat less, move more" really does work. Who'd of thunk?

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