Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reason #4371

Reason #4371 NOT to stick your head in the toilet: While out for a fancy graduation, with not one but TWO sets of grandparents present, your boyfriend might think it's a good idea to bring up the story and suggest that you share it with the whole freakin family. Thanks sweetie.

Pics from the rest of our trip to Boston/New Hampshire for Kyle's little brother's graduation:

IMG_5953 IMG_5965
Ghost Tour in Boston (Kyle's sister's boyfriend reads... all the time!)

IMG_5979 IMG_5961
Boston sites

IMG_5984 IMG_6038
Hanging with the fam (and the car kitty) in New Hampshire

IMG_6017 IMG_6014
Playing in the Connecticut River

IMG_6019 IMG_5997
Kyle with his Siblings and some really cool fungus

IMG_6047 IMG_6057
Partying at Dartmouth - there's bit of a pong obsession there

IMG_6093 IMG_6094
Graduation - me and Kyle's sis and Kyle's little brother with their parents

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