Wednesday, April 05, 2006

That's What It's All About

This weekend reminded me why I love being young in the bay area.

Friday night, my girl friends and I went to dinner in SF. The five of us split 2 bottles of wine. We laughed, talked, shared. It was lovely. Around 11pm, feeling sleepy and a bit silly with wine, I headed over to Kyle’s place to go to bed.

Well that didn’t happened at all.

I pulled up at his house and he was on the corner trying to hail a cab. I picked him up and we headed back out into the night. We went to a bar called Amber in the Castro with a few friends. We drank… we were merry. At 2am we shut the bar down and again I was ready to crawl into bed.


As we walked out of the bar some strangers invited back up to their apartment for an after party. On the inside I said… “AHHHGGG. Why so you can drug, rape, and kill us???” On the outside I said... “Sure! Let’s go.”

We went up to their apartment… they handed us Coronas… and we drank and danced till 3:30am. And as it turns out, they weren’t total strangers - about 45 minutes into the after party, Kyle and I realized that we had actually met one of the guys *last* summer randomly at a bar in the Mission. So we were totally safe! (Note: that we were 3 boys and 3 girls… so I figured that, with 6 of us, the drugging and raping would actually be sorta difficult… so I never *really* felt uneasy.)

Anyway… we finally got to bed sometime after 3:30am.

Around noon on Saturday Kyle and I woke up and went to a leisurely breakfast… then ran some errands… and then headed to the Beer and Oyster Festival at Fort Mason. There, we ran into a bunch of friends and drank and ate the day away. (Have I mentioned how much I love the outdoor festival season in SF?)

After the festival, we went to a party at Luke, A.J., Old Man, and Laura’s house.

I love these guys… they really know how to throw a party. And this party was no exception - they rented a moonbounce. Oh yes. A freakin’ moonbounce! It was AWESOME. You thought moonbounces were fun as a child… try jumping on one as an (almost) adult. AWESOME! Granted my whole body ached the next morning… but we’re going to ignore that for now. We bounced and bounced and bounced some more. At one point we had upwards of a dozen people in the 4 person max fun house. Yeah, we collapsed it… it was sorta scary… but really really fun.

When we finished with the moonbounce we all headed into the kitchen for some more beer. That’s when the magic happened…

We were standing around the kitchen island, in a sort of a big circle, laughing about the childishness of the moonbounce, when someone jokingly brought up that we should do the hokey-pokey next. It literally went like this:

One guy says, “You put left your left foot in.”

A few people sorta giggle.

There’s a pause.

About five people chime in with, “You put your left foot out.”


Everyone looks at each other.

And then… as though it were choreographed… like 20 people all belt out, “YOU PUT YOUR LEFT FOOT IN AND YOU SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT!!” (Complete with left foot shaking.)

Wow, that was fun... But then... it kept going!!!

Right foot… left arm… right arm… head… whole self, even!!!

It was fantastic!!! We laughed our asses off as we "turned ourselves about". So silly.

Afterwards we went out to a bar, played some pool, lost an hour to stupid daylight savings time, and then *finally* went home around 3am.

Kyle and I were worthless on Sunday… but after the weekend that we had just had, we decided that we had earned it. Seriously… that is what it’s all about! :)

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