Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Feeling Territorial

This weekend, I brought my cats over to Kyle’s place… so I could spend time will all of my favorite creatures at once.

I have two cats. Gus and Abby. Abby is fairly timid… and Gus is… well, anything but. Weighing in at over 15 pounds, Gus is a thundering behemoth of a cat. He meows for attention and always gets it, he sits wherever he pleases, and he scoffs in the general direction of the vacuum cleaner totally un-phased. He doesn’t mess around.

Kyle also has a cat, Yertle. Yertle weighs roughly 2 oz. Ok, I’m exaggerating… but, seriously, he’s the smallest cat I’ve ever seen. Tiny and sweet… his most dangerous feature is that he might cute you death. (That, and attack your feet all night.)

Well, when I brought my kitties over to Kyle’s place, there was much trepidation about how Gus would treat Yertle. Kyle and I had visions of Yertle being relegated to the corner while Gus took over the new place.

Boy, were we wrong.

Yertle’s territorial instinct took over and he dominated the entire apartment. He was totally the Alpha Kitty. Was so funny to see Gus hiding in the closet… terrified of tiny little Yertle, 1/3 his size. I love Gus to death, but sometimes you gotta root for the underdog, you know?

Abby was her sweet self… but Yertle still felt the need to guard the bedroom, you know, to protect it from her presence. He’d hiss at her whenever she got too close.

It was so interesting to watch the dynamics unfold as Yertle lorded over his territory.

Hee hee, pets are the best!