Monday, February 13, 2006

Stay Of Execution

So you may have read my haikus, and you may have ascertained that I was going a bit nutty trying to finish the most recent test of will thrown at me by my Mechatronics professor. Oh my, Thursday night SUCKED!

We beat ourselves over the head trying to get our stupid robot to work until 7:15am (Friday morning). At that point we decided to go home and get some MUCH MUCH MUCH needed sleep. We all agreed to take Friday night off (all work and no play makes Courtney a very unhappy camper) and meet back first thing Saturday morning to finish the bot - the class got an extension till Saturday because NO ONE had finished by Thursday afternoon.

Well... Kyle and I showed up first thing Saturday morning all ready and willing to waste 20 more hours in lab when, lo and behold, we saw our robot sitting in the corner with a note from our other two teammates... "The robot works! DO NOT TOUCH IT! We'll be back at noon for the checkoff with the TAs - Cris and Diana 7:40am."

7:40 am!!!?????

They pulled ANOTHER all-nighter!!!???

Oh Bless Them!!!!

Turns out each of them came in late Friday night to put a few hours in on the bot and they ended up working on it till morning.

Kyle and I felt terrible that they had put in sooooooooo much effort without us... but at the same time, SCORE!!! NO LAB TODAY!!!

So we went outside and slept in the sunshine for an hour or so. WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! Tens times more enjoyable because we had had every intention of being trapped in lab all day. It was literally like we got a stay of execution.

The TAs got to lab at noon and our robot successfully completed the obstacle course a short time later. Kyle and I spent the rest of the day relaxing. Was bliss! :)

And here's a pic of our robot... Isn't it cute?

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