Wednesday, May 02, 2012


So B and I are in the bathroom this morning, and I’m in a bathrobe brushing my teeth and B is on the floor playing with toys, when all of the sudden my neighbor blows his nose quite loudly: “Brrrrrrrrrrrttt” (yes, when you live in the city, you can hear your neighbors blow their noses, you get used to it and eventually find it charming, I swear.) Anyway, B hears this noise, looks up, and says, “Toot!” and proceeds to giggle. And I explained to him that it wasn’t a fart, it was just someone blowing their nose. He gives me a coy, “suuuuure, mom” look and repeats: “Toot! Mama! Toot!” and points at me. “Me??? NU-UH! I didn’t fart!!!” I tell him. But he remains unconvinced and proceeds to lift my robe up, points my butt and repeats “Tooooot!!” and then he collapses in a fit of giggles. !!!!! Sigh. This kid.

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