Friday, January 27, 2012


So guess what I found under my couch last night... a sippy cup filled with milk. From a week (or so??) ago. So, technically, it wasn't really milk anymore. It was more like a strange congealed substance that I would classify as being half way between a failed science project and really fancy cheese. Delicious. I have no idea how it got there* but the stench that accompanied its disposal was enough to knock me on my butt.

*This is a lie. Upon further brain racking I remember EXACTLY how it got there. Barrett was doing his "I'm done with dinner now!!! Time to wildly throw everything off my tray!!!" thing. (Precious, no?) He's like one of those tennis ball launching machines except he throws food and utensils and sippy cups. And sometimes some of those projectiles end up under my couch and I don't immediately retrieve them because I'm busy wiping spaghetti off my face... and often off the cats. (Have I mentioned lately how much the cats LOOOVE Barrett?) But I distinctly remember seeing this particular sippy cup fly through the air and roll under the couch. And I remember thinking, "Oh man, I REALLY need to remember to pick that up before it dies a horrible death under there." And then I promptly forgot all about it. :\ Man, I am SO GOOD at this parenting business.

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