Friday, March 30, 2012

19 months

Worst mommy ever hasn't recorded a single stat about her kid... until NOW!

19 month check up: 34" tall, 28 lb 9 oz, and uh.... he has a big head, but I don't remember the actual measurement. Doh. Oh well.

I happened to dress B in his MOST stained onesie yesterday. Hey, it was laundry day, what do you want? I may or may not have put him in his Halloween costume the day before... Anywho, it didn't matter, right? Because it was under his clothes and who was going to see it anyway. Right?? Oh, except when I take him to the doctor and she has me strip him down but says it's ok to leave his onesie on. :\ And his shins are all bruised up from his need to climb EVERYTHING (and his current lack of finesse in doing so). And apparently he bonked his eye like 5 minutes before I picked him up for the appointment, so *that* began to swell a smidge during the doctor's visit. And ALSO the nanny decided to let the boys play in the mud yesterday (which would normally be awesome-sauce, but...) So there's my kid standing in front of the doctor: dirty, in VERY stained clothing, freshly bruised, and crying (because, have I mentioned, he suddenly has an aversion to being pants-less??) I saw the doctor eying him and could tell she was considering calling CPS for a brief minute. I wanted to scream out "I love my son!! I swear he doesn't normally look like a vagrant who's been in a bar fight. I don't know why he's crying about the pants, but normally, I PROMISE he's well adjusted and loved and PLEASEDON'TCALLCPS!!"... I thought about it for a minute, but decided an outburst like that would only hurt my case. So instead I washed B's hands (look sweetie! A sink! With SOAP! Let's go check it out!), re-pants him as quickly as possible, pulled him onto my lap, and smothered his giant head in kisses.