Sunday, May 08, 2011

My First Mother's Day

B is crying, wanting an afternoon nurse session and I'm trying desperately to finish the lunch that we had to take to-go because B was having a meltdown in the restaurant.

Me: Ugh. I think he's still hungry. I wish you had boobs so you could feed him and I could eat in peace for once.
Kyle: oh come on, you wouldn't like me very much ...if I had boobs.
Me: ha ha, now I'm picturing you with boobs.
Kyle: Lovely.
Me: Saggy, floppy boobs!
Kyle: Gah! Why would you give me saggy floppy boobs!?!?
Me: Because that's what happens when you have a baby. Get used to it. When we all done having kids, you can get a boob lift.
Kyle: Thanks?

In other news - I successfully nursed B without a cover in a cafe this afternoon! Happy Mother's Day to me! :) It's amazing to me how much easier breastfeeding has gotten over the past 8 1/2 months. B and I are seasoned pros now. It's awesome and I love it. I always knew that I wanted to breastfeed my children, but I don't think I was fully prepared to love it as much as I do. It's pretty much the best thing ever and one of the few motherly things I feel like I'm actually "good" at.

And speaking of eating - Barrett, Kyle and I had our first official "family dinner" last night where we all sat down at the same time and ate the same thing: pork chops, peas, and steamed potatoes. Yum! B-man is a HUGE fan of pork chops. His eyes totally lit up when I gave him his first bite. And I am continually impressed by his ability to gum pretty much anything I give him. Who needs teeth?? (I'm pretty sure the two he's sporting on bottom serve only an aesthetic purpose.)

Anyway, it's pretty awesome to have a whole holiday dedicated just to me (and all the other mommies out there)... I never fully appreciated Mother's Day before I had a kid of my own. But I guess that true of a lot of things.

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