Wednesday, June 03, 2009

In An Effort to Sleep Better

So I haven't been sleeping especially well lately... Even though I go to bed at a reasonable hour, I wake up at least twice a night and feel completely unrefreshed in the morning. And then on weekends, I stay up late and wake up early and can't fall back asleep. I'm becoming zombie and it's getting to be quite annoying! Google tells me that sleeplessness is sign of, among other things, stress and recommends a whole plethora of stress-relieving activities... including exercising - which, p.s., I did for a WHOLE month and really just detested every minute of it, blech! - and eating well - which I do, thankyouverymuch - and keeping a journal. And then it occurred to me... I haven't been blogging especially well lately. Hmmmm. Could my lack of blogging be keeping me up at night??? I guess I had sort of taken for granted the splendid catharsis that is pouring my heart out to the interwebs... sigh.

What the heck - reason #452 that blogging rules... it might cure my sleeplessness. (Fingers crossed!)

On the upside I have TONS to blog about....

1. Workout April was a smashing success... I worked out every single day for 30 days straight... I even did situps and pushups while hung-over in my underwear on the kitchen floor of my BFF Kim's apartment in NYC. (I was out there for her bachelorette party - which by the way, was SOMUCHFUN!) But boy, May 1st could not get here soon enough. Ugh. I HATE working out. Hate hate hate. Actually - it's not so much the working out part I hate... it's the motivating myself to just get up and go do it part that kills me. I really should consider joining a group class of some sort so I'm FORCED to stick to the workout... of course signing up for the class falls into the whole motivation thing...

2. My sister is getting married in TEN DAYS! TEN DAYS!!!!!!! I'm so excited for the wedding. It's going to be amazing! My cousin is making the cake, my mom is making the food, the bridesmaids are doing the flowers... it's going to be a total group effort, and I couldn't be more excited about it. (Which is strange, b/c it's basically the EXACT OPPOSITE of how I did my own wedding... I really really really didn't want to "burden" anyone so I just did everything myself or hired strangers to do it for me. Weird that what I considered to be a "burden" for people for my wedding I'm totally excited about doing for someone else's wedding... hmmm... or maybe I just feared that friends and family somehow wouldn't do things as "perfect" as a hired professional might... although that's obviously crazy b/c I wasn't all that happy with my professional flowers... I ended up letting Kim's sister do most of my make-up... and my friend AJ took a whole slew of pictures that EASILY rival the "professional" ones that we paid for... so yeah - I'm crazy.)

3. Kyle and I are in escrow for a HOUSE!!!!! A HOUSE!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I've run the whole gamut of emotions on this one... and I will definitely definitely DEFINITELY write all about them... tomorrow. (Gotta ease back into this whole blogging thing, you know?) Stay tuned. A HOUSE!!! You know want the details! :)

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