Monday, March 30, 2009

Workout April

So, had I been a good blogger, you all would have known about "No-Elevator January" - where I refused to use the elevator in my office building, and instead chose to take the stairs up and down every single day. P.s. I work on the 5th floor - so this is no small task. It was so refreshing that I'm actually still doing it! Tomorrow marks 3 full months of not stepping foot inside my office elevator - Not even to go down! I'm quite proud of myself. (And my co-workers think I'm quite nuts and have taken to locking me in the stairwell after lunch because that's just the kind of guys I work with now.) So anyway - "No-Elevator January" was a big success.

And then there was "Cookie-Free February". See, my new office sits on top of an amazing bakery. And this amazing bakery makes A.MAZ.ING cookies. And they're only 80 cents a piece. 80 cents for a big, delicious, fresh out of the oven chocolate-chip, or peanut-butter, or snickerdoodle, or chocolate-white-chocolate-chip-with-macadamian-nuts piece of heaven. Heaven I tell you. Heaven for less than a dollar. I was HOOKED. It got to the point that I was having a cookie EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even when I had to climb down and then back up 5 flights of stairs - I still could not go a single day with my cookie fix. It was getting silly. So I cut myself off. For an entire month. (You'll note I picked the shortest month - because, darn it, I'm only human.) So yeah - that was February. It was tough, but I survived. (And I've since broken my cookie habit and can now go a whole week without one! Go me. Although on Friday afternoons they cut the price to 40 cents - and then... well... I'm not made of stone!)

March, ummm, was, ummm...."Plutonium-free-March"? "Don't-go-bungee-jumping-March"?? "Think-my-cats-are-adorable-March"??? Ok, so I didn't actually have a goal for March. It was more like "Keep-living-your-life-exactly-as-you've-always-done-and-don't-change-or-give-up-anything-March." I was VERY successful.

And now we're at April. And although "Give-up-nothing-March" was an unabashed success - I think it's time for another challenge. So I've decided on "Workout-April" (!!!) I plan to work out, for a minimum of 30 minuts EVERY SINGLE DAY for an entire month. Now, I realize that there are folks out there who exercise 5-6 times a week already and are thinking, pa-shaw, what's another day or two per week for a month?! But it should be noted that I am not one of these (as I lovingly like to call them) exercise freaks. I do not currently exercise. At all. Taking the stairs up to my office everyday has been a BIG deal for me. I'm not an exerciser. I never have been. And to be honest - it's starting to make me feel like sort of an outsider. An outsider with a flabby backside. So what the heck. I need SOME SORT of goal for next month. And with bathing suit season quickly approaching, my other option was "1200-Calories-A-Day-April." And you do NOT want to see how unpleasant I become when I'm hungry. So "Workout-April" it is.

Wish me luck.

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