Sunday, September 07, 2008

I've Always Wondered Where To Go To Pick Up My Fictitious Business Name

Hello Hello!!! I remember when I first got engaged, I really truly hoped that this blog wouldn't become all wedding all the time... little did I know that my LIFE would become all wedding all the time and wouldn't even have time to blog. Sheesh! In 20 oh so short days I promise to be back to blogging as usual... well... maybe after the honeymoon.

Anyway, we're getting down to the wire and things are finally starting to come together! Kyle and I went to the county clerks office and got OUR MARRIAGE LICENSE!!!!! (EEEEEEEEE!!!!!) We are now officially authorized to get married (EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!) Check out how cute we are... (and humble, no?)

Marriage License and Fictitious Business Names
Walking up to the counter... Fictitious business names????

Paying Monies
Shelling out $78... Love may be free, but a license to wed will cost you!

Officially authorized to get married!!!!! Wheeeeeeee!

Also, as the RSVPs were rolling in I didn't think mail could possibly get any more exciting... (our "be there with bells on" RSVP cards induced some wonderful responses!) but then the PRESENTS started rolling in. Oh my! Kyle and I are now up to our ears in cardboard boxes and packing peanuts. And with the exception of one "what on earth were they thinking!!??" very off the registry gift, we've been thrilled with everything and absolutely floored by the generosity of our friends and families. But seriously? the cardboard boxes? OUT OF CONTROL! These are boxes we recycled just this weekend:

Wedding Present Boxes
Oh so many boxes...

Also also, Kyle and I finally got our seating chart for the reception all worked out! And when I say Kyle and I got it worked out, I mostly mean that I fought with it for 3 days and cried and cursed and threw my hands in the air and told Kyle that everyone could just stand for all I care! And then Kyle took my laptop from me (perhaps for fear that I might chuck it at him), fiddled with the seating chart for about 30 minutes and Ta-dah! it was done. That man is a genius. I can't believe I get to marry him! :) So yay, my guests get to sit. Which is always nice.

Also also also (!three alsos!) We picked a cake!!! An amazingly delicious cake! Tiramisu flavored covered with white chocolate instead of frosting (I hate frosting.) My mouth waters just thinking about it... mmmmmmmmmmm.

So yeah - things are good in wedding land... I still need to find a make-up artist... and we need to finalize things with our videographer... and well, I guess at SOME POINT I should sit down and write my darn vows... but really, it's all coming together quite nicely if I do say so myself. YAY!

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