Monday, July 28, 2008

No Turning Back Now

Exactly 2 months before the Big Day... that's when all the wedding books said the invitations should go out. And I'm not one to question the all-knowing wedding books (this is, after all, my first wedding - what do I know?) So at 9:30 last night, under the cover of darkness, Kyle and I snuck out and mailed our invitations. (Wheeeeeeeee!) I'm not exactly sure why we "snuck" out to do it... probably because we had a tad too much wine at dinner and were feeling just a little bit nervous/down right giddy.

A final check for an address and a stamp, and then Whoosh! into the big blue box they went. Hooray!!!

I know a lot of brides take their invitations into the post office and watch eagerly as each one is hand canceled... but I just don't have the patience or the time for that. I'm a dump them in the big blue box kind of bride. I'm also a don't waste money on calligraphy kind of bride. I wish I wasn't - because it really is beautiful, and I simply adore receiving beautiful things in the mail, but I can just think of so many other things I'd rather spend $150+ on. You know? And while we're on the subject of overall invitation presentation, I'll let you in on a little secret... if you ever receive an invitation that is crooked, or printed weird, or addressed upside down, or whatever, you should take it as a HUGE compliment. It means the Bride and Groom consider you a dear friend. They know you would never judge them or think less of them for sending out a less than perfect invitation. I'm serious. Imperfections = love. (I really hope the people who get an invitation from me that looks like it was addressed by drunken third grader appreciate this fact!)

Anyway, here are some pics Kyle and I took (read: *I* took) as we sent the invites on their merry way. Now begins the mailbox stalking while I wait to receive my RSVPs!!!

All addressed and ready to go! (Note, my mom addressed this one - it is WAY prettier than any of the ones *I* addressed.)

Placing the first stack into the Big Blue Box

Kyle diligently checking for stamps

Me not helping at all - too busy taking pictures!!!

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