Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another Thing Off My List

YES!!!!!!!!!! Kyle and I *just booked* an AMAZING photographer for our wedding. I am so excited! He's young and fresh and artistic and just an awesome guy that I actually look forward to having around all day on my wedding! And he's... drum roll, please... AFFORDABLE!!!!! Woo-hoo!

Don't get me wrong, he's providing a wedding service, so he's still stupid expensive. BUT he's only like half as stupid expensive as some of the other photogrpahers I've been drooling over lately. And we get an engagement session! And we get to keep all of our negatives!!! I'm so excited.

And the craziest part? Waaaaaaaaaay back in August, like right after I got engaged, a friend reccommended a photographer to me... a photographer that I LOVED, but in no way could afford. Well, it turned out that *that* photographer, Mr. SuperPricey, was booked (over a year in advance!) for our wedding day, so regardless of how expensive he was, I couldn't have him anyway. (Which, really, was sort of a relief.)

ANYway, when we met with our photographer just last week I noticed a "thank you" page at the end of his sample album... on this thank you page? Mr. SuperPricey! Turns out they worked together! I think my photographer probably picked up a lots of his skills from Mr. SuperPricey himself (or hey, maybe vice versa!)!! So while they each have their own artistic eye, their styles are definitely similiar. And now I can have that style for a (relatively) reasonable cost! Isn't that awesome!? Yay!!!

Check out my photographer's amazing work:

I heart him!