Tuesday, January 29, 2008


He would have been 69 today.

Upon realizing that it's the 29th of January, I would have called him to wish him a happy birthday. It would have been the middle of the day and we'd only have talked for a few minutes. I'd probably have interupted some gardening or woodworking project of his. The brief conversation would be expected, neither of us being big "phone people". Plus, I'd likely have called him just a few days earlier to get his input on my dress search - he always had impeccable taste. And opinions! He would have had opinions about every dress. And I would have delighted in hearing his thoughts on each one.

Still, today, I would have called, and I would have said, "Happy Birthday!" and we would have chatted for a bit and I would have told him which dress I picked. I think he would have liked it.

It would have been nice.