Monday, September 24, 2007

Chiavari Chairs

This whole wedding thing is such a racket!! I cannot stand it.

“Oh you’d like to rent our facility, sure no problem, there’s a $500 rental fee… Oh, it’s for a wedding? Yeah, actually, the rental fee is $10,000. Plus a 20% service charge. Plus tax. Plus you have to spot me $20 bucks… because I said so.”


It’s absurd!

Bouquet of flowers for a vase in your living room - $20
Bouquet of flowers to hold as you walk down the aisle - $200


The hair, the dress, the music, the food. Oh the FOOD! OUTRAGEOUS!!! $125 per person!?!? For chicken? And mashed potatoes? Were the chickens hand-fed gold? Were the potatoes boiled in Mother’s Teresa’s sweat? For crying out loud! How can it possibly cost this much to feed people!?!?

And heaven forbid my guests want to sit down. “Oh, you want chairs too? Yeah, those will be extra.”


So I’m online the other day, looking for chairs – because we can’t have grandma trying to eat the world’s most expensive chicken with no place to sit, and I find some that I like... nay, love. (What can I say, I have weaknesses… this is how they get you! Ugh.) Anyway, these chairs, these oh-so-awesome Chiavari chairs, that I absolutely must have and CANNOT live without are... get this... $8.50 PER CHAIR!


Do I get to keep them? Will my name be hand carved by a master craftsman into each and every one of them? $8.50 per chair is outrageous. Let’s see… $8.50 x 200 guests is… 5… carry the 1… move the decimal point… divide by pi… $1700. SEVENTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. For CHAIRS! That I don’t even get to keep!

Me: “Does that include set-up?”
Money-Grubbing-Chair-Guy: “Ummm, no.”
Me: “So it’s $1700 for you to just drop off some chairs for one measly night?”
Money-Grubbing-Chair-Guy: “Actually, the $1700 doesn’t include delivery… but that can be arranged for an additional fee.”
Me: *CLICK* (hangs up the phone)

Ugh. Who knew wedding planning was so hard? Oh, right, anyone that’s ever planned wedding.

So anyway, while digging around on the internet the other day, I found a place where I can BUY the Chiavari chairs wholesale. (And by "wholesale" they mean incredibly over-priced because they KNOW you’ll be using them for something wedding-related.)

For a mere $40 per chair, I can own my very collection of 200 gold painted Chiavari chairs! (YAY!)

Of course, now I’m spending $8000 on chairs instead of $1700 on chairs, but I *swear* this makes PERFECT SENSE in my head.

See, this is where my mad internet skillz comes in. I've posted an
ad on craigslist... I heart craigslist... to see if I can find a few other brides who *also* want these snazzy, make the room look awesome, everyone who’s anyone will have them, chairs, so that we can ALL get them at a great deal!

I’d make the upfront $8000 investment (yikes!)
And then I’d rent these beauties for $5 a chair (plus delivery – of course).
(Pretty savy, no?)

Of course, then I'd be in the chair business for the next year or two trying to make my money back... but that's a small price to pay for chairs this pretty, no?

chairs at table

chairs in dining room

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