Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where Do All The Weekends Go?

You know when you get a little behind on blogging and then you want to blog but you don’t really have time to catch everyone up on all the stuff that you haven’t been blogging about and you HATE to skip stuff when you blog so you just keep waiting and waiting until you have an opportunity to write it *all* down but then you realize that you’ve got SO much to catch everyone up that you’ll never have a chance to properly blog about it all so finally you just cry “UNCLE!” and decide to do a whirl-wind catch up post so that you can cut your losses and move forward for crying out loud?

Please tell me that you know.

Here goes

When last we left our heroine, she was in LA for the baby shower to end all baby showers, thrown by the beautiful friends of her beautiful (9 1/2 months pregnant and STILL tiny) sister-in-law.
Beautiful cupcakes

After the shower she whooshed off to her beautiful cousin’s graduation celebration (it’s one big beautiful family over here.)

Beautiful Jess and Courtney

Cheers to the graduate and then it’s off to party in Westwood.
IMG_6171 IMG_6180

Yay! Graduation!

Fun fun fun, but Kyle and Courtney had places to go and people to see the next day so they went to bed while Jessica and her friends donned their running shoes and played all over UCLA’s campus.

Jess's last night at UCLA Jess and friends on Bear
Awesome chicks in running shoes.

Kyle and Courtney spent the next day with Kyle’s aunt, uncle, and cousin lounging by the pool and playing croquette. It should be noted that even when she cheats, our heroine, Courtney, is STILL terrible at croquette. Alas, one can’t have it all. Kiss Kyle’s fam goodbye and it’s off to SF to pick up Kyle’s friend from college, Zaza – yes it’s a nickname.

Kyle and Zaza

Zaza is followed by 2 more of Kyle’s buddies from college for a weeks worth of male bonding and debauchery. Much
Beirut ensues.

IMG_6217 IMG_6227
IMG_6237 IMG_6275

Meanwhile, our heroine is off for an adventure of her own – a bachelorette party for her friend Anna… sans the penis straws, thank you very much. 6 girls, a college campus, a few bottles of wine, some coffee, some shopping, some champagne, some gardenias in their hair, some yummy food, some belly dancers, more champagne, some lingerie, some squats and push-ups (???), more champange, and a wild night out dancing.


IMG_6342 Anna

Whew! Hello fun!

Most of Sunday is spent hung over, 2 of Kyle’s college buddies go home, and then it’s off to a Giant’s game and out for some beers on Monday with the remaining buddy and his girlfriend.
Lou Seal!

Aren’t they the handsome foursome?

The next week is a blur as everyone prepares for Anna’s wedding in Vegas. YAY! Laundry, pack, plane ride – BAM they’re there… and it's 116 degrees at 8pm. Woah baby.

Insert Vegas debauchery and fun here:

This pretty much sums up the night It was like 116 degrees outside

On a side note, our heroine spends not a single dime gambling. Hooray for Courtney!

The wedding is beautiful, “I do. I do.”, Courtney cries, cue the DJ, everybody dance! Yay!

IMG_6342 Anna

Back to Cali, work for a day and a half and then – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! BBQs, and gorgeous weather, and fireworks, oh my! Our heroine fully believes that EVERY Fourth of July should fall on a Wednesday, because it is just SO NICE to get a day off mid-week! (Nevermind the fact that she drove to Pier 39 to see the fireworks and had to pay $20 to park in a garage and then got stuck in said garage for 2 hours! after the show was over!!! She may or may not have taken it upon herself to turn a 2-way street into a one-way street by directing cars to drive on the wrong side of the road in a desperate effort to get the heck OUT of the parking garage sometime before she turned 90.)

Me Kyle and the Bridge - sort of Our BBQ beside the Gold Gate Bridge

Fast forward to the weekend and it’s all apartment hunting ALL THE TIME. P.S. Miss Courtney gave notice of “intent to vacate” on the 29th of June and was, by the 6th of July, an absolute basket-case freaking out about where the heck she was going to live! She doesn’t take uncertainty well.

15 apartments in three days, and ta-dah! She finds the place of her dreams in San Francisco. No, she doesn’t buy the place – although she would in a heartbeat – but she does sign a one year lease with her lovely new landlord, Lulu. (She’s is secretly thrilled as she is a sucker for alitteration.) The specs of her name place are as follows: Noe Valley duplex near the Mission. 1+ bedroom, 1 bath, 2 CAR GARAGE!, washer/dryer hookups, kitty friendly, awesome kitchen, awesome neighbors. Courtney HEARTS this place.

And she gets the key on Sunday (7/15)!!! (Eeeeeeeeeeeeee)

Now, if she could just lose this PESKY cold that has been haunting for several days (a week?), she’d be happy as a clam.


Consider yourselves caught up.

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