Monday, March 26, 2007


It is such a shame that Tahoe is SO UGLY.

Hello, Beautiful!


I told work to shove it last Thursday and headed North-East to the pristine glorious-ness that is Lake Tahoe for the weekend to visit with Kyle's family. It took a full day, but by Friday night I had completely stopped talking about my tiny cubicle and the idiots I work for. Ahhhhh. Peace.

We spent Friday at Kirkwood and Saturday at Squaw and both days were fantastical!! To anyone who has ever been snowboarding with me and seen, first hand, just how terrible I am... I have BIG NEWS! I, Courtney A. K., went off jumps. In a terrain park. On purpose. Screaming like a banshee the whole way, of course, but I *did* it!!!! It was EXHILARATING!! I even landed the third one.

The snow was wet and slushy, but it was 60 degrees out and I boarded most of the day in a t-shirt, so I can't really complain. I'll take wet slushy snow over the splotchy blue carpet in my office ANY day of the week.

At night, we played cards, cooked dinner, sat in the hot tub, and drank beers. It was me, Kyle, Kyle's parents, Kyle's little brother, and our friend Ben (who met us up there randomly) and it was SOOOO nice. Did I mention that I was 200 miles away from my desk and out of cell phone range!?!?! SO NICE!!!

Here are some pics from our day at Squaw...

It's So Ugly Up Here Here Goes Nothing...
Me! Kelsey, Ben, Kyle, Me, Kyle's Dad
I totally look the part Me and Kyle... with Kyle's Mom in the Background!
Kyle and his Parents Kelsey Kyle and Ben

Bliss, thy name is Spring skiing in Lake Tahoe.

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