Tuesday, July 18, 2006


No, not by Kyle's mom.

Not that Kyle's mom doesn't love me or anything (because, really, I'm a great girl, and how can she not love me?) ... but, still, she hasn't written the 90-page email expressing her overwhelming approval that I wish she'd write.


But I am definitely loved by my friend Luke!!

See, my company has been shutting off the A.C. in our buildings every day at 2pm to save electricity. (Do not get me started on the zillion other ways that my company could - and should - be saving energy and money instead of making their employees sweat to death. Morons, all of them.)

So anyway, it gets really hot in our buildings. And today, in an effort to make it up to us, (a pitiful, lame, small effort - but an effort just the same) my company gave everyone free ice cream from 2 - 3pm. YAY.

But, of course, I had a meeting scheduled from 1:30 to 3:30... and no one in my meeting seemed to care that we were missing FREE ICE CREAM!!

So the meeting went on and by the time I was done all of the ice cream was gone. Boo.

Well, at just the moment that I was feeling blue for missing out on free ice cream, my friend Luke stops by to invite me to go to Dairy Queen. (Maybe he too had been stuck in a meeting filled with ice cream haters, and as a result missed out on the free frozen dairy goodness? Maybe.) Sadly, I told him I didn't have time to go, but thanks anyway. :(

And you know what he did? HE BROUGHT ME BACK AN ICE CREAM!!!


That Luke - he's such a nice guy! :)

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