Monday, July 17, 2006

Hello, Nice To Meet You, Please Like Me

Thursday night, I met a friend of Kyle’s from high school… a notorious, self-proclaimed, girlfriend hater. (Seriously? Seriously.) She has disapproved of almost every girlfriend Kyle has ever had since high school. Ugh. So, no pressure there, right? Right. Well I met her, and we had dinner, and she seemed nice enough. In fact, I could even see us being friends. She is potentially moving out here (to SF) in the near future, which could be really cool… Why, you ask? Duh, because if I can get her to like me then I totally get bonus points on the giant girlfriend score board – and one must never underestimate the importance of keeping score… until, of course, the “boyfriend” becomes the “fiancé”… at which point the score becomes obsolete because an engagement ring trumps all.

Hey, I don’t make up the rules.

On Saturday, other important introductions were made. For starters, I met Kyle’s mom for the first time. Dun dun dun! Until this weekend, my only contact with the woman was a phone call to discuss the severe stomach flu that I was suffering from a few weeks back. (She’s a doctor. I was vomiting uncontrollably. I was desperate. Thinking back, it probably was not the best first conversation to have with someone’s mother.)

I also met Kyle’s aunt and uncle and cousin this weekend too. We all went camping on the beach in Central California (His dad was there as well, but I’ve met him before.) AND, because we were camping only an hour away from where my mom and step-dad live, MY MOM AND STEP-DAD MET US AT THE CAMPSITE FOR DINNER!!!


As if meeting a boy’s family for the first time isn’t difficult enough as it is… this adds a whole extra layer of pressure. Will they like me? Will they like my family? Will my family like them? Will everybody get along? Please, God, don’t let anyone bring up politics. Sheesh.

Turns out, everything was fine. His family was gracious and warm and inviting. My mom didn’t embarrass me with any “Courtney was so cute when she was in diapers” stories. My step-dad made AWESOME grilled portabella mushrooms, which everyone LOVED. We had plenty of wine (I think that helped A LOT). And everyone got along famously.


The rest of the weekend went off without a hitch too.

I kicked a soccer ball around with Kyle and his parents for a while (I’m getting much better, thank you very much)… we cooked a lot… Kyle's aunt gave me an awesome lip gloss that she got at some LA fashion week thing (score!)... we had a blast kayaking in the ocean where we saw sea lions and all sorts of cool birds… and we spent lots of time just sitting around the campfire chatting and enjoying each others’ company. It was a really lovely weekend.

Now I’m just waiting for the report back from Kyle about whether or not his mom likes me. Keep your fingers crossed!

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