Saturday, December 23, 2006

I Think I'll Miss The Mumbling The Most

This is why I hate making friends. Just when things start getting awesome, they pick up and move to Virginia. :(

AJ – my right hand man at work. Calm, focused, thorough. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through these last few months without him. He’s been like an extension of my own self and it has truly been a blessing to work with someone who I trust completely and who I know I can depend on. And outside of work? He’s one of the most ridiculous people I know. He’s one of those people who never think an idea is silly – it’s one of the things I love most about him. That and the mumbling. I love the mumbling. Annunciation is *way* overrated.

And Laura – the King! AJ’s girlfriend and such an amazing person. She’s been the organizer and the motivator for so much of our tomfoolery… pouring liquor into 5 gallon buckets at dawn! She is genuine and honest and a blast to run amuck with through the streets of San Francisco. I don’t know how she put up with living with AJ, Luke, and Old Man this past year. Oh the mess! But I’m glad she did, they’d we’d all have been lost without her.

Seriously, what are we gonna do now? Where will we build our Bay to Breakers float? And who will stay up till 3 in the morning helping to put the finishing touches on it. And who will rent the bounce house? Or buy the giant kiddy pool? Or set up the flip-cup tournament in their back yard? Who will throw the costume parties? Or have the white elephant gift exchange? Who’s gonna build our awesome Big-Wheel for the annual Bring Your Own Big-Wheel race down Lombard street? Who’s gonna dress up like Ok Go! and perform all over San Francisco on Halloween? Where are we gonna have our “confessional booth” (complete with real-world-esque video camera for capturing all the dirt)? And, darn it!, who’s gonna take all the pictures!!!????? I cannot begin to explain the impact these two people have had on my life… the fun we’ve had, the memories we’ve made. I’ve been stoic all week – but last night, after I gave them each one last hug, I cried. A lot.

And now they’re gone. (It’s been one of those weeks - people leaving left and right.) We packed up their stuff last weekend and wished them well all week. One last mini hurrah last night and then, this morning, they started their drive across the United States.

I miss them already.

Party This Summer in AJ, Laura, Luke, and Old Man's Backyard

The End
AJ Locking Up The Last U-Pack Box Last Weekend

Forlorn Steven J.
A Forlorn Steven J. Watching From The Window Of AJ, Laura, Luke, and Old Man's (Former) House


AJ, Me, and Laura - One Last Picture

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