Thursday, December 07, 2006


Just because I haven’t been posting blogs doesn’t mean I haven’t been blogging in my head. Here’s a dump of all that’s been going on in my world.

We’ve Got The Axe

My best friend, Sara, was in town this weekend for Big Game (Cal vs. Stanfurd a.k.a. all that is good in the world vs. all that is evil). It was beyond amazing to have her here… to share girl talk into the wee hours, to have a getting ready buddy (Which looks better, these jeans? Or these jeans? One more time, these jeans? Or these jeans?), to have my partner in crime by my side as we took on S.F., to have someone around 24-7 who knows me better than I know myself. It was just so good! Before she got here I had moments of panic – what if the weekend’s been too built up, what if it’s not fun, what if we try to squeeze too much in and just end up tired? Turns out we did try to squeeze too much in and we did end up tired… and it was perfect. We didn’t get to bed before 3 either Friday or Saturday night. And we got up early both Saturday and Sunday morning. But we had a blast! The game was great – Cal didn’t play their best, but we still beat the evil Cardinal. (Ahhh sweet victory, the coveted axe is ours!!) After the game we hit all our old watering holes and stomped on all our old stomping grounds. And, bonus!, we got to see UCLA pull off a win against the also evil USC. It was a great day all around! We had so much fun and saw SOOO many old friends – it was like we were in college all over again – but with MUCH better IDs and a football team that didn’t suck.

Me, Sara, and the Stephanies

(More pics can be seen here!)

To The Ladies

I just need to say that my friend, Cameron? Yeah, he rules. One of the few decent things to ever come out of Stanfurd (don’t worry, he’s just a grad student there – no real loyalty, thank goodness) is Cameron. He’s truly fan-freakin-tastic. And such a sweet-talker. I heart him, and I think everyone should know it. And, Bay Area ladies... he's single! No pressure. I'm just throwin it out there. :)

I heart Cameron
Me and Cameron


I have a fear of having people over at my house. And apparently I’m alone on this one, because several minutes (ok, fine, seconds) of Googling provided no viable search results for a name for this irrational fear. (How can I admit that I have a problem if I don’t even know what it’s called!?) Anyway, yes, I, Courtney, am hostess-a-phobic. Which proves to be a challenge when it’s my turn to host book club at my house. Eek. 15 women were supposed to show up at 7pm at my house on Tuesday. I actually blew off work on Sunday so I could get a Christmas tree, so my house would look festive, so I wouldn’t die in the corner while hyperventilating as people came over and thought, hmmmm nice place, but it could use a Christmas tree. I’m telling you – it’s a real problem for me! So Tuesday evening – after breathing deeply into a brown paper bag for several minutes, I frantically started cooking for my guests. And at 7:00 sharp – ding dong! But it was ok, I was nearly done cooking and the house looked great, and I even remembered to light all sorts of house-cozifiying candles. Hooray. And one guest came, and then another, and then 2 more, and then… then… no one else!!!!! I had dinner prepared for 15 people! (Well, actually, I grew up surrounded by Jewish mothers, and they definitely rubbed off on me, so I naturally had dinner for at least 25.) Again, only FOUR people came!!! Luckily, it was four of my favorite people and we ended having a lovely evening (even if NONE of us actually read the book – oops.) I had to call a few friends and neighbors to come over and help eat the feast I prepared, but it was ok. In fact, it was even sorta nice. Yes, I said it. People in my house was sorta nice. (Deep soothing breath!) This might be one irrational fear I can actually get over. (Which is good, because I’m still afraid of grilled onions and TWO irrational fears just makes me feel so high maintenance.)

Speaking Of Houses

Yes, speaking of houses… we sold mine today. MY house. THE house. THAT house. We decided to put it on the market a few weeks ago – just to see. Not really expecting to sell it right away, what with the holidays and all. And we priced it (in my opinion) too high. Really, it was just to see what would happen. To see if ANYONE in their right mind would want to take on a project as gigantic as that house. And someone did. They came in almost right at our asking price. 10 day contingency. 30 day escrow. Piece-o-cake deal. Wham Bam, thank you Ma’am. Done. Sigh… done. It’s official, this will be my last Christmas there. The new owners (ick, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth) will no doubt level the place and build some fab new place… maybe even two fab new places… and the house will be gone. It’s appropriate, I suppose. That house and my father were like kindred spirits. Intertwined on so many levels. My dad poured his soul into that house, and now that he’s gone, the place feels empty. Disserted. Perhaps ready to be torn down… dust to dust, I guess.

Whew. That was a lot to get off my chest!

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