Monday, November 27, 2006


Four whole days off! Thursday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. It was bliss. No work, no internet, no plans, nothing I had to do. Bliss!

The holidays can be so stressful… especially if you have a big group of people coming over to your house that you have to entertain. This year, no one wanted that stress. So, instead, we rented a house. Brilliant!

My mom and step-dad and my step-aunt and uncle pitched in a got an AMAZING house in Tahoe for a whole week for our two families! Because the house didn’t “belong” to anyone, no one felt that it was their job to entertain, or make sure everything was perfect. And no one felt like they were intruding, or wearing out their welcome. It was SO NICE. Kyle and I made his famous apple pie (to die for!) and homemade apple sauce, my aunt made a traditional turkey with stuffing, my step-dad grilled vegetables for appetizers and made gravy for the turkey, my mom made pumpkin soup and cranberry sauce with oranges, my uncle made mashed potatoes, and my cousin made twice baked yams and salad and rolls. And, because everyone loves dinner and a show, my sister and her boyfriend DEEP-FRIED a second turkey. (It was quite a spectacle – luckily we didn’t set Tahoe ablaze). We all ate too much, and drank too much, and then lounged royally in the living room by the fire after our huge meal. We were so stuffed that we had to have dessert – the apple pie with vanilla ice cream, an almond-cheery cheesecake, two pumpkin pies, and tiramisu! – for breakfast. Darn. :) It was wonderful.

Besides eating, we mostly just hung out… watched some movies, played some Cranium, went for a hike in the snow, sat in the hot tub, lost some money in the South Lake casinos. My sister and her boyfriend and my cousin even went jogging. (Why, I have no idea – everyone knows that holiday calories don’t count.) It didn’t snow enough for skiing or boarding, but it didn’t matter, I was just grateful for a few days away from my cubicle. For Christmas I’ve decided to take three days off (Sunday - Tuesday), and I’d like to see my office try and stop me!

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