Wednesday, December 20, 2006


While driving around town the other day, Kyle and I saw a cop issuing a traffic ticket. In the driver's seat of the pulled over vehicle? Santa. Yep. Red suit, red hat, white beard, rosey cheeks... Santa. Looking quite distraught, I might add. Hey cop! It's Christmas!!! And you just pulled over Santa Claus!!! You are *so* getting coal this year. Thank goodness no little kids were around.

Oh, and I owe you all a tacky sweater pic...

Me and Keri in our holiday sweaters... made by the same company!


It doesn't look nearly as bad in this picture as it does in real life... The camera missed all of the details! The sequines, the bows, the beaded Santa belt, the shoulder pads, the jingle bell clip on the back (ala 1993).

Oh and the little random santa hat? It's the zipper! I love this sweater.

***Updated to add a picture of the jingle bell clip!!***

Jingle Bell Clip
Check out the jingle bell clip!

*** Updated again to explain Kyle's lack of a Holiday sweater***

Unfortunately these pics are from a DIFFERENT night when I wore my super-awesome-holiday sweater... not the night of the actual holiday party. (Yes, I'm addicited to the sweater and have been wearing it non-stop. Please don't judge.)

It seems that I was a bit intoxicated the night of the holiday party and, in my drunken state, decided that all of the pictures that were taken of me and Kyle made me look fat and ugly... and so I deleted them. On the spot. Like an idiot. :(

Kyle really did look adorable in his red, white, and black, way too small, festive looking, turtleneck sweater from the used clothing store. Maybe I can get him to put it on again. For you guys. Becuase I love you. And because he looks cute in it. And I'm a sucker for cute.

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