Friday, November 17, 2006

Breakfast Beer, And Underdogs, And Wedding Dresses… Oh My!

Tomorrow is going to be a very long day…

6:45am: wake up – shower – prepare self for long day (a.k.a spend extra 15 minutes blow-drying hair to get it juuuust right)

8am: arrive at bar – cold and tired, but with lovely hair. (If it’s foggy out, someone dies)

9am: bar opens – yes, we are arriving ONE HOUR prior to the bar opening to ensure entrance into the bar. (It’s called dedication, people)

9:05am: order beer. (Pleeeeeeeeeeeease let my stomach be feeling better by then – as a side note, I can now eat cream of chicken soup, plain bagels, and bananas without wanting to hurl. Hooray!)

12:30pm: Michigan vs. Ohio State game begins. Go Blue!!!

12:31pm: Michigan does something stupid like running the ball up the middle (AGAIN) for 0 yards. (Why!? Why do they insist on breaking my heart with that play over and over and over again?)

2:45pm: crawl over 80 zillion Ohio State and Michigan fans to leave bar. Deal with incredulous looks of “WHAT?! YOU’RE LEAVING NOW!? But the game is only half over!!!!! GAH! What is wrong with you!?”

3pm: meet one of my best girlfriends, a.k.a. the bride to be, for WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

3:01pm: commence picture taking

4:30pm: finish wedding dress shopping (apparently an hour and a half or so is about all anyone can handle in one sitting – there’s a lot of white and puffy going on in there, and the brain can only take so much)

4:45pm: return to bar… pray we can get back in.

5:00pm: Cal vs. USC game begins!!! GO BEARS!!!!

8:30pm: tears… of joy (we won!!)… or sorrow (we lost) … or confusion (I’ve been drinking for eleven and a half hours and have no doubt lost something… but I can’t figure out what it is yet)

Eek! What a day! I’m tired just thinking about it. But it should be fun. If I can put an end to this pesky war taking place in my insides, and Michigan and Cal can pull off some fabulous upsets (neither are favored to win, by the way) and I can manage to not drool *too* much over the wedding dresses (p.s. I waaaaaaaaaaaaaant one), it'll be awesome.

Yay for Saturday!!

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