Saturday, November 11, 2006


I’m a hugger. Always have been. Partly because I hate those awkward hello/goodbye moments with people whom you’re not sure if you are supposed to hug or not. HATE THOSE! (Much easier to just hug everyone.) And also because hugging feels really really good. And I’m a glutton for things that feel really really good.

Hugs break the ice. And help me feel connected to other people. And I’m pretty sure they have magical healing properties, too.

Hugs are good.

I realize that all this person-on-person contact can make some people uncomfortable, but normally, I don’t really care. I’ll preface my embrace with, “Sorry, I’m a hugger” and then go in for the big squeeze. Ha! No chance for you to escape.

But I’ve recently encountered a new problem. Internet friends. Yeah, you guys. Most of you are VERY VERY difficult to hug! And it is wearing on me. Why must you all live so far!?

So until you visit me in person – where we can engage in a proper hug – I’m gonna need each and every one of you to hug your monitor for a few seconds. Go on. Do it. And then I’ll hug my monitor. And then, as we share our moment, we’ll both smile not only at the silliness of it all but also at our new found closeness. And, for now, it will be good enough. But just for now. Because if I ever see any of you in real life – the hugging is so on!

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