Thursday, May 11, 2006

I *Also* Like To Move It Move It

A big hug to Katrina (Notes on a Napkin) for reminding me what GREAT FUN and what a GREAT WORKOUT dancing can be!

I was sitting at home last night debating whether to go to the gym or to clean my (unbelievably messy) room. And then it hit me… why not do both?!

I put on my adorable new pink workout shorts… grabbed some CDs… cranked the volume on my stereo… and proceeded to shake what my mamma gave me for almost 2 straight hours while picking up my room! (My compliments to Madonna and Black Eyed Peas for producing some awesome booty shakin’ music). As my room got cleaner, I had more space to move in, so I was able to get more and more into the music. By the end, I was kicking and jumping and flailing around like a total nut job. I so hope my neighbors didn’t see!

And if that wasn’t silly enough, during the last 20 minutes I had a BRIGHT GREEN facial mask plastered all over my face – as long as I’m toning my abs and butt, why not give my face a little lift too, no?

I was dripping with sweat when the second CD ended… I felt fantastic… AND my room was clean! Not bad for a Wednesday night!