Sunday, April 23, 2006

Maybe That'll Teach 'Em Some Manners

More and more places are cracking down on rude cell phone habits these days. The library at school has a "No cell phones in the library" sign every 6 feet... movie theaters remind you to not spoil the film for everyone with your annoying ringing... and most coffee shops won't even take your order if you try to hold a conversation on your cell phone and order a cup of coffee at the same time...

"Hang on... Hi, I'll have a grande, non-fat, half-caf... wait was that Becky? Are you KIDDING!? She said what? ... extra-hot, no-whip... SHUT-UP! Are you serious!!?? ... white-chocolate Mocha, please... That's ridiculous!!! I can't even believe... Ummmmm, excuse me, did you get the no whip???... Yeah, I'm still here, Becky, go on."

(I've seen it done!)

Well, the place I went to for breakfast today is taking it up a notch.

They'll charge you a dollar for talking on your cell phone while eating in their restaurant. They list the charge right there on the menu, in the "Sides and Extras" section...

Cell Phone Violation Fee.... $1.00

HA! Isn't that great!?!?! I *so* should have taken a picture. (But I was sort of afraid there might be a "no flash photography" rule and associated fee.)