Friday, April 14, 2006

Wow. They Really Have Nothing Better To Do

I am officially moving. To Oakland. Or to some other high crime area. Where the police officers have better things to do than to pull over innocent young girls on their way to work and write them $20 fix-it tickets for having one of their headlights out.


And the thing that REALLY chaps my hide is that, hello, it was DAYTIME! I didn't even *need* my headlights on. It would be one thing to pull a person over for driving with only one headlight at night - that's dangerous. But for driving with only one headlight during the day??? Hello? I'm still one headlight ahead of most of the other cars on the road - most people drive with *NO* headlights during the day! I was trying to be safe and I end up getting a ticket! What message does that send?


So now I have to get new headlight - which I would have done anyway *without* the fix-it ticket thank you very much! Flag down a police officer so I can show him/her that I have fixed the problem. And pay a stupid $20 processing fee. YUCK.

Way to punish people with safe driving habits, right? Good job guys.

Well don't worry, from now on I'll be sure to not drive with my headlights on during the day... for fear of another ticket in case the other headlight decides to go out.