Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Will someone please remove the sign from my back that reads:
Strange Creepy Men, Please Hit On Me


Was at Target today... trying not to spend too much money... when this guy in the aisle with me, with a sorta confused look on his face, innocently asks me if he was in the correct aisle for kids games and stuff... we were in the arts and crafts aisle so I told him he should probably check up stairs in the kids department... he told me he was just there and they sent him downstairs... "Well" I said "I guess this is it then." I then smiled and walked away. As I left he called after me but I didn't really hear him so I just kept walking... 2 aisles over I ran into him again and he says to me "Hey, did you go to San Jose State?" (Local university) and then it hits me... this was the SAME CREEPY GUY who tried to hit on me LAST TIME I was at Target!!!!! He opened with the same "excuse me, am I in the right aisle" line last time too!! Ewe Ewe Ewe. Last time he followed me around the store (ewe!) for a solid 20 minutes asking me all sorts of questions about myself, and pretending to have all sorts of things in common with me... (Isn't that convenient.)

Hey, did you go to San Jose State?
Oh, me neither... So what do you do?
I'm an Engineer.
Hey me too! What kind?
Hey me too! Where did you go to school?
Hey me too!!


This guy was a textbook slimy creep. Old and gross and just all around yucky.

I eventually told him to please go away. (After he asked me, repeatedly, to have coffee with him so that he could get me a job... his buddy is the head mechanical engineer at NASA, you know, so he could TOTALLY get me job... you know, uh, engineering... ummmm.. stuff.)

That time, I got all creeped out just being in the same store as him so I left without purchasing anything. :(

Well TODAY... as soon as he started in with "Hey did you go to San Jose State?"... I grabbed my shopping cart and literally ran to the security guard in the front of the store to report the guy. The security guard man was super friendly and went to scope out the situation... I bought the stuff in my cart and promptly left the store. Yuck.

WELL THEN!!! At Walmart (Yes I went to Target AND Walmart today... I needed supplies for a school project... don't ask) a man asked me if I knew where the wrapping paper was. I told him, "Ummmmmm... no." And then he told me, trying to kid around I guess, that I was "fired as his personal shopping assistant." "Ummmm, ha ha, ok" I replied and went on my way. As I turned the corner I ran smack into the wrapping paper, so I called back to the guy "Hey, actually, it's over here." He smiled, nodded, and told me I was rehired. I smiled and went on my way. On my way out of the store, I ran into him again... recognizing him, I nodded and smiled in his general direction as I started to walk past him... Then! he side stepped so he would be in my path and so that I couldn't get around him (stupid skinny aisles at Walmart!) He says, with a new disgusting creepy man smile on his face, "So, what's you name?" (complete with the uber gross sleazy man eyebrow raise.) YUCK!!! I pushed passed him and just said "EWE!" and ran to the check stand, bought my stuff, and got the heck out of the store.

WHAT IS UP WITH THESE MEN!!!???? And why were they EVERYWHERE tonight!? Gross Gross Gross!