Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Cows


Bay to Breakers 2006 will be here on Sunday May 21st.

I have been counting down the months, weeks, and days since… well, since Last Year’s B2B. Check out my post from last year…

B2B 2005

If you are unfamiliar with B2B… here’s the gist:
75,000 or so people get together and “race” (slow drunken crawl is more like it) for 12 kilometers through the streets of SF… from the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. Hence "Bay to Breakers"… on the third Sunday in May every year. :) Read this guy’s account of the festivities as I just could never do it justice like he does…

Seriously, read it!

This year my friends and I are going as Boone’s Farm (as in the makers of Strawberry Hill). We’ll be dressed as farm animals… farmers… scarecrows… stalks of corn... You Name It!

And we’ll have two floats – A Barn and a Drunken Cow. (And by float I mean pimped out shopping cart to haul our beer around with us)
See Plans here...

Yours Truly will be covered in cotton balls – I’m going as a sheep. :)

All week we have had STELLAR weather… so of course I got myself all amped for great weather this weekend too… but alas, as is so often the case, SF has a mind of its own. tells us that it’ll be cloudy with a chance of rain.


I spent the whole morning blue – see how excited I am for this day??? My whole mood was altered because I found out it might rain.

Well luckily I have great friends!!
AJ pointed out:

Did it rain on our lab at last year's Urban Iditarod? Heck no!
Did it rain on our volcano at last year's b2b? Heck no!
Did it rain on our fire engine at this year's urban iditarod? Heck no!
Did it rain on our syphillis at the Go Games? Heck no!
Did it rain on our big wheel at the Bring Your Own Big Wheel? …… yes, but only for the first heat and it wasn’t much.

Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California. This is California - we'll be happy cows. (and sheep and farmers and corn and roosters).


And my friend Christine reminded me that rain will lead to mud… which will inevitably lead to mud fights…. And who doesn’t love a good mud fight??


I heart them! And I CANNOT wait till Sunday.

Rain or Shine!!!

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