Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hello Stress, So Nice Of You To Vist

Two nights ago I picked a sizable fight with Kyle about the meaning of Urban vs. Suburban. Yep. I'm that crazy. I'd recreate the dialouge here just to prove to you all how batty I am - but it was so off the wall that even *I* can't remember what the heck my point was or why making said point required a raised voice, not one but TWO hands placed firmly on my hips, and a highly uncalled for amount of hyperbole. Ask anyone who knows me - sometimes I'm... let's just call it *special*. Kyle is a brave man. When I finally calmed down I apologized to him. And he accepted. And he told me loved me. He is such a keeper.

I think I might be a bit stressed about the new apartment - we STILL haven't unpacked and it's a disaster area... and about the wedding - DO NOT ask me where we're having it or when because *I*DON'T*FREAKIN*KNOW*AND*ALL*THE*SITES*I*LIKE*


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