Thursday, November 02, 2006

Que The Pom Poms... And Kicky Pleated Skirt**

Shhh, I have to post quickly. I've got CourtneyTheOverAchiever tied up in a closet. She's flipping out at the moment. She wants to participate. She thinks we have time for this sort of thing. We do not.

This month, we will be Cheerleaders. And we will be darn proud of it. We will let others shine and we will support them in their endeavor. But we will not step foot onto the field. We will not post a blog a day, every single day, for the month of November. We will not be part of the wonderful thing that is
NaBloPoMo*. Even though we really really want to. (<-- spoken by the over-achiever, in a muffled voice, through the closet door.) Because we are realists. And we are busy. And, mostly, we are lazy.

But with all our heart and soul we will root for Lisa, and Julie and Jes, and Stacy, and Katrina, and Kerri and… darn it, are all of our friends doing it? Shoot. Maybe, we could too...


We will wave our bloggy pom poms for them from the sidelines. And it will be lovely. End of story.

p.s. How cute is this NaBloPoMo symbol!!??
I so wanna play.

*NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month... created by M. Kennedy from to encourage people to post a blog entry a day, every day, for the entire month of November. Yes, even on Thanksgiving.

**Title update courtesy of Julie - I love that girl!