Thursday, October 26, 2006

Am I Going To The WHAT?!?!

Did no one ever say the name OUT LOUD?
Did they say it but just not GET it?
What were they thinking?

I’ll admit it’s a good idea – on paper - what with it being almost Halloween, and the event being a Bar-B-Q. And the name, at first, seeming rather clever.

But when a co-worker asked me, in front of a large group of other co-workers, if I was going to the Boo-B-Q (get it? Halloween… Bar-B-Q… Get it???) I almost choked on my cranberry scone. It literally took me a full 20 seconds to figure out that he wasn’t referring to my lovely lady lumps, during which time I blushed a nice shade of crimson and just sort of blinked. And, of course, the look of shock and horror that took over his face just seconds after he uttered the fateful phrase was quite priceless.

Is that what the people who came up with the name were going for? Team building through shared awkward moments? Maybe. More likely, I just work with idiots.

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