Wednesday, September 27, 2006

No, I Did Not Fall Off The Planet

You know when you go away for the weekend and you get home late Sunday night and when you wake up Monday morning, even though you had an AMAZING time, it still feels like you had no weekend whatsoever. And then you spend the whole week playing catch up, frantically trying to find time to do all of the chores you didn’t do over the weekend because you were away, and then school starts and you haven’t even picked a class yet so you attend no less than three separate classes in an attempt to find the right one for you. And then you have to work late to make up for all of the hours you are spending attending random classes. And then you have dinner plans with various girl friends. And a book club meeting that you CAN’T miss because you actually read the book this month. And then, because you’re so busy, your blogging goes to pot?

What? You don’t you know?

Fine. I didn't want your sympathy anyway.

Anyway, Michigan was a blast. Kyle’s family is warm, inviting, and huge! Kyle has a sister, a brother, 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 6 uncles, 7 aunts, and 16 cousins! (So mid-western.) And most of them live in Michigan, and they get together every Monday and Thursday for dinner. So it’s sort of like the holiday season year round – with roughly the same amount of over eating but significantly less stress. It was really nice. And the football game was awesome! Michigan kicked butt (after a shaky start) and although a thunder storm was predicted and menacing looking clouds loomed overhead, it didn’t rain a drop on the game. Whew. For the rest of the trip Kyle had fun dressing me – head to toe – in Michigan gear (as though I was his own personal “My-Size Barbie”) and taking me to all of his favorite restaurants (yum!) and showing me the Henry Ford Museum (which is AWESOME by the way! They have the chair that Lincoln was shot in!! With the blood stains and everything! Eek!) The whole weekend was pretty much perfect.


Ok, I’ve caught you all up – I will now return to frantically running around for the remainder of the week.

But first, my latest entry in the CutestCoupleEver photo contest: (modesty is not one of my stronger points.)

Me and Kyle decked out in Maize for the Michigan game.

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