Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Go Blue

The brainwashing is almost complete. He’s got me answering the phone “Go Blue” on Saturdays, hating Notre Dame, and rolling my eyes every time the Wolverines decide to run Grady up the middle. (Again.) I am officially becoming a U of M fan. Ugh. The final nail in the Maize and Blue coffin will be a trip to Ann Arbor this weekend to attend the Big 10 opener. Weee.

I suppose we’re also going so that we can spend some quality time with Kyle’s family… but I think we all know that the family bonding will come second to the rooting for Michigan to destroy Wisconsin.

To be clear – I will always be, first and foremost, a Cal fan. GO BEARS!!! (Note that “Go Blue” doesn’t even get all caps.) And I will always bleed Blue and Gold. But Blue and Maize (well, technically Maize and Blue) isn’t all that far of a stretch. And it makes the boyfriend SOOOO happy to see me cheering for his team. So I figure what the heck.

Besides I’ve always hated Notre Dame.